About us 

Millhaven Horse Farm, including the property, is owned by Richard Mills.


Richard is a Maryland native. He grew up riding horses and for 30 years, was an avid fox hunter. He established his first boarding barn in 1968 and has been at Millhaven's current location since 1986. Richard prides himself on keeping a well-maintained farm. 

Diana Delmar is a long-time horse owner and manages horse health care at the farm. She's a science editor and writer specializing in veterinary medicine and is the author of "Taking Up Riding As An Adult" as well as two dog care books. (See link at bottom of page for more information on her horse book). 

 24/7 care, all the time

Horses on the farm vary widely in age and breed. Each is treated as an individual. 

With their home built above the barn, Richard & Diana are able to look out their windows to check on horses in stalls or run down the interior steps into the barn. The staff lives on the property in a residence just feet from the barn. All pastures can be viewed from the residences.

Owners and staff have considerable experience caring for horses of all ages and including retirees and post-op patients. Because they all live on the farm, they are able to provide the extra attention these horses often need.  

Relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere


The atmosphere at Millhaven is relaxed for boarders and horses. You'll find a friendly, eclectic group of riders. Most ride English and some Western. Many are interested in dressage, some are hunter/jumpers and there are a few eventers. Virtually everyone at Millhaven likes to ride primarily for fun and everyone's primary concern is really good horse care.

For more information on Taking Up Riding As An Adult, click here.


Reader reviews of Taking Up Riding as an Adult from Amazon.com: 


"Excellent and helpful. This book is well worth the price. It provides an excellent overview to the entire equestrian sport... The author has excellent knowledge of the sport and command of the English language. This book is great for any adult looking to take up the sport or parent seeking to better understand his/her child's passion." 


"Great Introduction to Riding. I'm 43, and I bought this book after I'd been riding for a year, because I wanted to go over the basics again and make sure that I was doing things right... I especially like the way the author stresses safety... This is a great little book, and I recommend it to any adult who's new to riding or thinking about learning how to ride."

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