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Boarding at Millhaven




Please contact us to find out if we expect to have a stall become available or to get on our wait list. Telephone us at 301-963-0630 or email us at 




We require a $300 NONREFUNDABLE deposit. We will hold a stall for up to 30 days. After that time, full board is required to keep the stall. The deposit is deducted from your board bill the first month your horse is stalled at Millhaven.




Full board with general turnout: $765 monthly.  


When available, full board with semi-private turnout: $795 monthly.


Sorry, no field board. 


Board includes:


  • Tack locker

  • Turn-in and turn-out, as determined by the weather

  • Stall cleaning every day except Sunday

  • Two meals daily — three if needed to maintain proper bodyweight or to meet special needs of senior horses

  • Hay as needed (see the horse care page!) — we hay generously

  • In-feed administration of supplements and medications provided by the owner or veterinarian

  • Blanketing, booting

  • Holding horses in for vets and farriers

  • Providing short-term medical care prescribed by veterinarians, such as injections, and oral administration of medication, if owners cannot  




We surcharge for Triple Crown Senior due to big increases in the 

cost of that feed, but we also stock other senior feed for which there is no extra charge. 


For a horse that requires 24/7 stalling for injury or illness, there is a $5 per day extra charge after the first day per episode. 


There is a $3 late fee per day for board paid after the fifth of the month.


There is a $20 per month fee to help defray increased electric costs when we run stall fans in summer and heated water buckets in winter, although heated buckets are only needed for stalls in the indoor riding arena building. Buckets in the main barn generally do not freeze.  


There is a $25 charge per month for trailer parking. 


We charge our cost for medical supplies (i.e. Vetrap, gauze) or will ask owners to replace our supplies. We expect boarders to provide special care their horses may require, such as foot soaking, wrapping, hand walking or wound dressing, but will provide these services if an owner is unable to be here. We reserve the right to charge for these extra services if they are required for a prolonged time but generally, are able to do so at no charge.

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