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Millhaven is dedicated to providing superior horse care and a place where riders can enjoy their horses in a clean, pleasant environment. We try to keep rules to a minimum; the rules that follow help us take better care of your horses, run the farm more efficiently and keep us all safe.



We request that each boarder...


Use only a breakaway halter on your horse. 


Provide a salt block in your stall and replace as needed. 


Leave your horse the way you found him; if he's in the field, put him back in the field after riding unless it's turn-in time.


If you ride after the staff has turned horses out for the evening, you are responsible for turning out your horse. Do not leave your horse in the stall. 


Sign a liability release form and have guests sign one too if they'll be riding or handling your horse. 


Wear an ASTM-certified helmet when you ride! 


Provide special care your horse may need such as foot soaking or hand walking; we'll fill in when you can't be here. 


Label sheets or blankets with your horse's name. 


Pay board on time. Board is due the 1st of each month. After the 5th, there is a $3 per day late fee. 


Clean up after your horse in the aisles and wash stalls. 


Remember that we are not a schooling barn and lessons do not get priority. Everyone has equal access to the facilities at all times. 


If you ride at night, please finish up by 9 p.m. If you ride very early in the morning, please take care not to slam doors or make other unnecessary noise. Remember that the barn is also our residence.


Please do not help yourself to hay or sawdust. We hay and bed generously and if boarders help themselves, it leads to waste and runs us short. If you need hay to take to a show or for some other reason, let us know and we'll be happy to accommodate.


Turn out lights as soon as you no longer need them. 


If you ever have to leave Millhaven, we request 30 days notice.

New horses coming to Millhaven Horse Farm must have a current Coggins. It is very helpful for us to also have a record of the past year's vaccination and worming schedule.

For a more complete protocol, please click here.




At Millhaven, we love dogs but they can cause accidents when horses are around and sometimes cause problems with our own dogs. Therefore, dogs are NOT PERMITTED at Millhaven without express prior permission of the management.

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