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Thank you for the spectacular care you have given to Lilly since she arrived at Millhaven. I am so grateful and relieved to have her on the road to recovery...

Personal note to Millhaven

Millhaven Horse Farm is an amazing place. I arrived there 20 months ago, a completely green horsewoman, bought a quarter horse mare named Hazel, and had her moved from Texas to Millhaven. Diana and Richard treated me like family. They advised me on how to purchase my first horse, made excellent recommendations for a trainer/riding instructor (Bob Ciri), veterinarian and farrier. They provided Hazel with excellent daily care, and made sure I knew her condition at all times.

...The other boarders are a fun, intelligent bunch, and the atmosphere is very congenial and non-competitive. I learned so much from all of them. I was lucky to find the place. I have since returned to Texas and am now taking care of Hazel by myself. I'm so glad I was there for my instructional period in horse care and riding; I would have been utterly lost otherwise.

—Beth—Millhaven Facebook Page

Cinder at Millhaven Hose Farm

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Millhaven has been wonderful for both my horse and me. The best of horse care, excellent facilities, and a very welcoming group of people.


Great people, wonderful owners and staff, couldn't feel more blessed that we found this place :)


Caring,wonderful, friendly, this is like a piece of heaven !!


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I keep my horse here and it has it has been the best experience ever!


We've visited the farm a lot over the last decade when in the USA and always find it to be extremely well maintained. The horse care given is superb; the owners have a lot of experience and knowledge and the safety and comfort of the horses is their number one aim. The atmosphere is very friendly.​

— Sue​

Horse running Millhaven Horse Farm, Rockville, MD
I’ve known the people who run and own Millhaven Horse Farm for over 20 years and have spent many wonderful years riding there. Diana and Richard are extremely knowledgable, caring, responsible and compassionate. They are always there when you/your horse need them. Every horse is treated and cared for as if it were their own. If you love your horse(s) let them live in paradise and board them at Millhaven Horse Farm!

Have been a horsemen for the last 40 years and I suspect it has been 30 years with Millhaven farm. I have stayed with the farm due to the care that is outstanding never have found my animals with out water or need of putting on weight. The facilities are great for my needs in my younger days I rode open jumpers, fox hunted and Steeple Chased. The staff continues to take care medically and other needs of my horses. Thank You Diana and Richard

Millhaven is an excellent boarding facility. They take top-notch care of the horses and the facility. The owners and staff live on site and communicate regularly with boarders about turnout schedules and vet visits and keep us informed about current news regarding horse health. The extensive trail system (Agricultural Farm Park) abuts the Farm making it easy to hop on and ride for hours. I had to be out of town for 5 weeks and never worried about my horse or his care. The board is reasonable and the location makes it the perfect place for horse owners who work in the DC metro area. This is a great place for you and your horse to make lasting friendships.

Millhaven has been caring for our aged thoroughbred gelding for the past three years. He arrived underweight and was fostered back to the peak of health by the owners and staff. I can not compliment them all enough, not only with regard to the level of expertise they bring, but their friendly and collaborative nature.


The farm is tidy and run on schedule and the owners ensure regular communication about turnout and goings on at the farm. For a busy family like ours it has been a blessing to have such skilled staff and ownership overseeing every aspect of our horse's needs including regular hoof and medical care, specialized feeding, and round the clock oversight ensuring his health and safety.


...We've boarded this horse at several facilities due to frequent relocations demanded by our jobs. Millhaven has been one of the best experiences exceeding our expectations in every aspect and is hands-down a five star farm!


Arab Millhaven Horse Farm, Derwod, Md

When I first drove up and saw the farm I thought what a lovely oasis in such a serene setting; what horse wouldn't be happy here?! I also loved that the owners live right on the premises, in fact on top of the barn. This gives them a first hand knowledge of what's happening inside the barn and out; they have a glorious view of the ring and all paddocks, and can easily hear what's going on below in the barn. They do night checks and throw hay if needed when the horses are in.


Nestled right next to the Agricultural History Farm Park Millhaven Horse Farm has access to miles and miles of bridle trails. The owners are very knowledgable about all things horse related and accommodate any special needs for each individual horse.


A very nice place to board with many amenities. I always felt my horse was well cared for; would still be there if we didn't have to move out of state.

—Heidi —

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